Utah Llama Association

August 15-17 - Basic and Advanced Pack Trial

Join the Utah Llama Association (ULA) on August 15-17 for the 2008 Pack Trials Weekend. The location will again be the Ponderosa Group Campground in the Uinta Mountains. The ULA has reserved the whole campground from 4 p.m. on Friday afternoon through 11 a.m. on Sunday. It's a lovely spot with lots of shade and grazing area for llamas. It's secluded and off the beaten path. Members and non-members can camp for the weekend for just $10.00 per night per vehicle/ family to help defray the campground cost the ULA has prepaid.

ULA pack trials weekends are great fun and a wonderful chance to spend time with llamas and other llama enthusiasts in a backcountry setting. We encourage you to bring your llamas - even if you don't plan on officially taking them through the trials. If they're short on overnight camping experiences, this is a good opportunity (there are no corrals so bring a stake-out or picket line). You're also welcome to take them through the trials unofficially to see what it's like. As long as they're lead-trained and have enough experience to be calm and safe on trails (there's a little bit of exposure in places), they would be welcome to come along. Llamas definitely learn from other llamas so they could benefit from following along. And if you don't bring llamas, the setting and company is well worth it anyway. Llama-less hikers are welcome to go through the trials, too. The potluck dinner on Saturday evening is always good.

Contact Cliff Orton to RSVP or for more information: 801/944-8509.

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